Tuesday, August 3

my poem--I found this & love it!


By William Wordsworth

After accompanying her on a mountain excursion.

Written at Town-end, Grasmere.

I met Louisa in the shade,
And, having seen that lovely Maid,
Why should I fear to say
That, nymph-like, she is fleet and strong,
And down the rocks can leap along
Like rivulets in May?

She loves her fire, her cottage-home;
Yet o'er the moorland will she roam
In weather rough and bleak;
And, when against the wind she strains,
Oh! might I kiss the mountain rains
That sparkle on her cheek.

Take all that's mine beneath the moon,
If I with her but half a noon
May sit beneath the walls
Of some old cave, or mossy nook,
When up she winds along the brook
To hunt the waterfalls.


glarcy said...

that really is you!

Lou said...

Thanks! I like to think so. Now to get over to the moors...

Kim said...

Wow, that's awesome! I'm surprised you hadn't found this earlier. Are you still writing poetry as well as stories? I really need to email you back about the ones you sent me. :) Thanks for all the posting lately. I'm really enjoying it.

Jana and Rob said...

How did he know how to describe you perfectly without meeting you yet? That's a pretty poem.