Sunday, July 25

My favorites

So far my favorite things since I've been eating healthy are:
Celery sticks with hummus or peanut butter.
Silk brand soy milk. (especially chocolate).
Spanish Rice-a-Roni with black beans & chipotle peppers.
Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies (these are very easy to pig out on & I'm working on portion sizes too so they aren't in the house too much) : (
Organic "Oreos". (same rule as above applies)
Wheat meat as ground meat in dishes or as meat balls for spaghetti. (still gotta get the brown pasta)
Veggie burgers dressed up like a hamburger (way more flavor & lighter feeling than beef)
A wheat protein called seitan with Chinese style stir fry (pronounced say-tan & yes I've already thought of the irony that it sounds like Satan. Lol. It tastes like chicken. Honest! Can Satan say that? : )
Knowing that I have saved several animals lives & preserved resources! Good feeling!
Knowing David supports me & Sage is vegetarian now bc of my example-excellent! Even Graham likes the vegan food!
Now go enjoy one of these treats!
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Jana and Rob said...

I wanna try the Silk. Rob rarely drinks milk so he probably won't mind if I get soy.

Jane said...

Hey brown pasta is way good. You will like. Although about 2 years ago I tried whole wheat spaghetti and did not like it. Then I tried a different brand and it was very good. We got the Walmart brand thin spaghetti. Heartland should be a good brand also. I've gotten so I don't like the taste of hamburgers so I'll have to try the vegan burgers. I think I have one time. Sorry so long. :)