Wednesday, July 21

come with me...and you'll a world of pure imagination (or just a vegan world)

So I figure I'll just let you guys know more about my journey into the vegan world. So far, so good. I'm learning about the wonderful world of whole grains and plants. I'm relearning to eat! It's crazy. I have been so ignorant about the delightful world of actual food, not processed, refined, and enriched (put chemicals back in since we took all the good stuff out) "food". For lunch I ate yummy Spanish rice with black beans, a raw carrot!, and corn on the cob (without the butter and salt!) Now for those of you who know me this is huge! I was a sugar fiend. But sugar turns me into a b****. The other day I ate some delicious crab cream cheese wontons (I caved) and within an hour I was so angry it was scary! So...even though I still crave that white powder, I know better than to indulge. If any of you have thought about going vegan, check out the book "The Kind Diet" by Alicia Silverstone (or her website for free-yay! Yes, that's the girl from Clueless, which I think is so cool because I have loved her ever since that silly movie. She has really good information and guides you step-by-step as you take the plunge. Anywho, I am happy to say that I really don't miss any meat or dairy (sugar is still tough) and I am becoming friends again with fruits, veggies, grains, and yes, even the gassy bean family. =)
Til next time,


Jana and Rob said...

I'm interested to see how this goes for you. We had a friend do it and he lost a lot of weight and had tons of energy. Over the past year or two I've eaten less and less meat. I rarely have red meat anymore. All meat kind of grosses me out. I'd probably start with going vegetarian first. I'll have to check out the website or book. Thanks. Enjoy the beans!