Saturday, July 31

all that glitters is usually cheap crap unless you're rich

Ok so the title will possibly make sense once you're done reading this entry but probably not. I have found that, much to my embarrassment, I love trashy reality TV. I always have wanted to be one of those "smart" TV watchers. You know the ones: "I only watch TV for educational purposes. I watch Discovery & the Earth series & spend my summers with the Peace Corps.". Ya know, dorks. Jk. Not me! I happen to be involved with one of these dorks. David is now fascinated with the "Through the Wormhole" series about the Universe. Now, don't get me wrong, it's very exciting learning about quarks & strange matter & how the Earth could be eaten inside out by a black hole the size of a pearl. (yawn). But I'd rather watch bitchy women yell & fight on "Real Housewives of NYC" or as my friend Kelly & I affectionately call "The Bitches of Madison County".
I found a new treasure yesterday. "You're Cut Off" chronicles ten pampered, rich-bc -mommy/daddy/hubby-are-rich women get cut off from their families to learn what it's like to live like the upper class. No, not the middle or lower class, the upper. So they go from the top 1% to the top 5%. How tragic. They had to clean their mansion, they had to cook their own meals, they had to figure out how to open & turn on a computer! Seriously! How is it that we still have people like this? My favorite part was when an "expert" told one of the girls that her $2,000 Louis Vuitton clutch was someone's house payment & he got blank stares. "What's that? (giggle vacantly) "Where are the maids?" I'm fascinated with their stupidity & yet disgusted with myself all at the same time. So, even though that glittery diamond tiara one girl was wearing might be worth thousands, it's just calling attention to the cheap crap underneath it. I vote she takes it off & I watch Jersey Shore. : )
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Jana and Rob said...

Wow, rough life. Sometimes it surprises me how there are people living completely different lives than the rest of us, and they don't even realize it.

Jane said...

Well, I had a good laugh at how you wrote that little article. It was rather entertaining. :)

Lou said...

Jana, I know!
Mom, thanks. I was hoping to make people laugh. =)