Thursday, August 27

school days, school days, good ol' fashioned...forgot the words to the song

Well I am officially back at college, you three followers who read this! It was good. Other than realizing traffic is terrible in SLC @ 730 am & that I deserve different walking shoes it went great. I am taking Intro to Mass Comm & Reporting for the Mass Media. I already get to read like 250 pages by Tuesday! Baptism by fire, eh? Good times, good times. Oh & men who can't decide if they want more but don't like when you call them a friend need their heads checked! Nitey nite world!


glarcy said...

ah...I can just see you bouncing your way across byu campus saying hi to everyone you pass.... because that's the southern way! :)

Brooke and Mikey said...

It is good to hear that you are doing so well. School sucks for me too, but at least it is my last semester. Ive got a Nazi professor that assigns us crazy amounts of homework. I don't go to the writer's league much anymore cause of time restraints, Brooke and I had our baby about a month ago. I want to keep in touch, perhaps exchange writing? In case you lost it my email: God bless!

Chad and Carole said...

I read it too! Am I one of your 3?